Shared Branching

Through AOD Federal Credit Union’s participation in the Credit Union Service Center Network, you are able to choose from multiple branch locations throughout the State of Alabama, and beyond. Participation in Credit Union Service Centers means that we offer you access to more than 5,000 branch locations nationwide. This enables us to provide you with greater access to your accounts where you live, work, study, or travel. There are more than 70 locations available for you to use in the state of Alabama alone. Six of these locations are known as stand-alone locations and provide extended hours of service on Monday – Friday (9AM – 7PM), and Saturday hours (9AM – 5PM). The other locations are actually branches of other credit unions that allow you to conduct business from your AODFCU account at their branch.

Here's how it works:

When you go into any existing Credit Union Service Center location simply provide your credit union name (AOD Federal Credit Union), picture ID, and base account number to the Service Center teller. Based on the information given, the teller receives a member verification that allows you to conduct certain transactions just as if you were at an AODFCU branch.

Here's how to find the nearest location:

The Service Center website allows you to (1) Search for the locations nearest you by entering your location or simply by clicking the map, (2) download a complete directory of locations, and (3) receive e-mail notifications about new Service Center openings.

Call 1-800-919-2872 to find the nearest location by zip code or street address. You will be provided with the nearest locations address, phone number, operating hours, and even driving directions to the branches nearest you. You even have the option to receive the information in Spanish if you prefer.

Here's how to recognize a Service Center location:

Here's the type of transactions you can perform*:

  • Cash or check deposits to share or share draft accounts
  • Cash or check withdrawals from share or share draft accounts
  • Cash recognized payroll checks
  • Statement prints (last 10 transactions)
  • Transfers
  • Loan Payments
  • Purchase of official checks, money orders, gift cards, and theme park tickets
  • Free notary service (Stand-Alones Only)
  • 24 hour ATM (withdrawals, transfers and balance inquiries only), (Stand-Alones Only)
  • VISA Cash Advances (Stand-Alones Only)

*Certain restrictions may apply

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