Credit Union Security

News stories continue to appear about fraud committed with stolen personal information, fraudulent check scams, phishing, FBI alerts, and so on. The list goes on and on. Our website will continually try to maintain the most up to date information that affects you on a regular basis. Why is this so important? In today’s information era, it is quite simply easy to have your identity stolen or become a victim of fraud. As your credit union, committed to your financial safety, we feel you need to know the latest info to keep your self and your accounts safe.

Remember AODFCU will NEVER ask for your personal information, account number, PIN, or any sensitive account information via email. If you receive an e-mail that purports to be from AODFCU and asks for account information- you should consider it to be a fraudulent attempt to obtain your personal account data for an illegal purpose and you should not follow the instructions in the email. If you are confused or would like to verify the request, simply call us and ask to speak to a credit union representative.

For more information on Member Education or to view new Alerts, click on the links provided.

If you have additional questions or concerns relating to these topics, please free to contact a credit union representative today.