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Check Reordering

Good news–direct ordering now available!

You are now able to reorder your checks directly from Liberty Check Printers through our web site. You can reorder the same check design or choose a different style simply by clicking the reorder link below. The reordering process has never been easier or quicker! Reordering instructions:

  • Be sure to have your check reorder slip-found in your last book of checks available before you begin.
  • After clicking the reorder link below, you will need to enter the Unique Reorder ID and the start number listed on your reorder form.
  • Click the Logon button.

Through online reordering, you can enhance the look of your checks by changing the typeface, adding a monogram and much more. You may also choose a checkbook cover. Please note: all address and name changes must be done through the credit union.

Credit Union Checks

What is a Credit Union Check?

A Credit Union Check is a document that is purchased by a member for the purpose of paying funds to another person or entity. It provides a method for the transfer of monies with the payee being guaranteed payment. All members are eligible. It’s safe and secure – better than carrying around cash. There are also no worries – the check will be accepted without any problems or hassles.

Product FeaturesMember Benefits
Named PayeeSecurity
Purchased for cashNo worry
Competitive fee $2.00
*No charge if check is made payable to you
Saves money
Stop paymentPeace of mind

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